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Summer 2 week 4 22.06.20 - 26.06.20

The Rainbow Fish is our main story this week. Listen to the YouTube version below or share the book with your grown-up at home, if you’ve got a copy.  

The Rainbow Fish ~Read With Me~ Story Time

Have a go at some activities related to this story:


  • explore moving like different characters/objects from the story.

What characters were in this story? (the Rainbow Fish, other fish the Little Blue Fish, starfish, crab, octopus)

How might the Rainbow Fish move at the beginning of the story? (slowly, proudly, beautifully, gliding)

How was he feeling? Why? How might he move when nobody wanted to play with him? How was he feeling? Why?

Try to move like the Rainbow Fish at the beginning and the middle of the story. How might the Little Blue Fish move? (quickly, happily, excitedly, darting around quickly)

Try to move like the Little Blue Fish and other characters/objects (seaweed etc.) Can you perform different types of movements: slithering, shuffling, rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, skipping, sliding, hopping, sideways ??


  • talk about characters’ feelings and focus on the specific vocabulary (excited, proud, thrilled, moved, astonished, delighted, cheerful, fortunate, lucky, jolly, glad, pleased, overjoyed, jealous, unhappy, lonely, disappointed, heartbroken, sorry, angry, cross, annoyed, furious, bitter)Why are they feeling that way?


  • What could the Rainbow Fish say? Fill in the speech bubbles.
  • Draw and label the Rainbow Fish with keywords – What is he like at the beginning of the story? What is he like at the end of the story? Write a sentence about the Rainbow Fish.