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week 08.06.20 - 12.06.20

What facts do you already know about sea animals?


Enjoy watching videos about some of the sea creatures. What did you find out?

Super Sharks!

Sharks are fascinating creatures with cool teeth, awesome scales, and there are over 450 kinds of sharks! Join Jessi and Squeaks to learn some super shark facts...

The Outrageous Octopus!

What has eight arms, three hearts, and and lives in the ocean? An octopus! Join Jessi and Squeaks as they take a dive into the amazing world of the super weird, super smart octopus!

5 Reasons Why Dolphins Are Awesome

Dolphins aren't just smiley and cute! Jessi gives you 5 reasons why dolphins are awesome in this episode of SciShow Kids.

All About Anglerfish

Learn all about the anglerfish! A creepy-looking, deep-sea-dwelling creature that glows!