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Week 2- 30.3.20 - 3.4.20

White Rose have published home learning lessons that'll cover what your child is learning. 


There are worksheets that go alongside the videos but don't worry if you can't complete them you could download them with a photo or pdf app and add notes electronically or talk through the problems with your child.  You may also need some form of counters. This can be anything e.g. toys, counters from a game or precious pasta shapes. 


For this week I would recommend completing Lesson 1,2 and 3. 

These are all about equal parts and halves. We have already covered this in class so it'll be a good opportunity for your child to share with you their learning. 


Remember to try to carry on the maths conversation after the lesson e.g. Can you find half  of the fruit in the fruit bowl?


White Rose Year 2 Home Learning




Fair Feast is a great problem solving task that applies children's halving skills and also gets your child involved in making lunch. Follow the link which'll take you to the page. 

Fair Feast


The game below is good for a 10 minute warm up game before each of your Maths sessions at home. It will build fluency and can be used over a number of weeks. All you need is some paper, pencils and a dice.  


The game boards are downloadable but if you don't have a printer you can quickly draw up a game board on paper and copy the numbers across.

Connect 4 Addition and Subtraction Games, KS1

The Connect 4 games are fantastic for helping children become fluent with addition and subtraction facts within 20. Also, some great opportunities for strategy.