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Week 2 30th March- 3rd April

What a wonderful time of the year to notice changes. There have been lots of changes in the school pond. Watch the video below and check out the Curriculum page This week's English tasks will be based around the story Tadpole's Promise written by Jeanne Willis.


Wildlife in the pond at Gatcombe 23.3.20

Task 1


Can you think of something that has changed or changes e.g. a caterpillar, a seed, a baby?


Can you describe it using this sentence stem?


When a ____________ changes, it becomes a _____________.


e.g. When a tadpole changes, it becomes a frog.


Can you extend using because, so, when, that, but, and etc. or other conjunctions to explain why?


e.g. When a seed changes it becomes a plant so it can make flowers.


Now choose one of the things that change, e.g. a seed.

Can you explain your chosen ‘changing’ item to a family member.


First a seed sprouts a shoot and it will start to poke out through the soil.  

Next it grows bigger and bigger.

Then leaves grow from the shoot so that they can capture the sunlight. 


Finally it flowers and insects will be attracted by the bright colours. 


Now write out your simple explanation. You may practise your sketching skills to add detailed labelled pictures to go alongside your explanation. 






Story Time: TADPOLE'S PROMISE by Jeanne Willis (EYFS, KS1)

A brilliant love story between a caterpillar and a tadpole.... but will their love change?

Task 2 


Watch the video above of Tadpole's Promise


Can you talk to an adult about the questions below.


What does it mean if we make a promise or promise something?


Should or can all promises be kept? Do you think it’s a good thing to make someone promise to never change? Why/why not?


Why did the author choose the title, Tadpole’s Promise?


What do you think about the ending? Did it surprise you?


Task 3


What a shock!

Return to the page in the video where Caterpillar crawls up the willow branch and cries herself to sleep.


How do you think each character was feeling at this point?


Think about a time when you have fallen out with a friend. Role-play being Caterpillar or Tadpole – see if you can get a family member to help!

Act the story out to the part where they fall out.


What might each character have been thinking?