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week 27.04.20 - 01.05.20

We wonder how your beans are growing… We would love to see photos of your beans!

Has anything changed? What is different?        


Can you draw your bean in your diary and write about changes? Ask your parent to help you write the date.


What does the bean need to grow?

What would happen if you put it in the dark place?


If you haven’t planted your bean, you can look for the instruction in the previous week folder.


Here are some photos of Mrs Harvey’s bean. Can you see how quickly it changes?


What have you noticed? Does it look the same as yours? What is the same? What is different?

Why do you think Mrs Harvey’s bean grows so well?



Here is a photo of Mrs Szypa’s bean:


What have you noticed? Is Mrs Szypa’s bean the same as Mrs Harvey’s? Why?

What has Mrs Szypa  forgotten about? Why do you think Mrs Szypa’s bean doesn’t grow? What would you suggest Mrs Szypa to do?


You can watch a video about Knowsy Nina. What have you found out?

Knowsy Nina discovers what food plants need in order to grow in this episode! Subscribe to Knowsy Nina's channel here and join her in her next adventure!: ht...

Enjoy the dance