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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

Week beginning 8th June

Task 1

Complete the PSHE grid 1 (If you can’t print, create your own with the same headings for each box.)  Really think about each section and think about what opportunities you have had during lock down – (cooking – Mikey’s pancakes!  Cycling, gardening,…..) and things that you now do differently.

Task 2

Shades of emotions – you will need the help of an adult or a dictionary for this one!  Try to find 4 emotion words that are synonyms of each other, then think about the strength of each word and its synonyms to complete the table.  Again, you can design your own table if you can’t print – and add more rows if needed.

(You might be able to go back to Task 1 after this, and add some of the language from task 2?)


We will come back to these two tasks next week, so keep them safe! 

The Ospreys in school will be doing the same tasks.  It would be great to share some of the Task 1 grids so you can all see them (if you are happy to share them).  So, please send me your grids so we can collate all the ideas.