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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

Week beginning Monday 30th March

I'm very pleased to see you here year 6!


This week, I have a range of literacy tasks for you. 


1. At least 3 times this week, load this link:

Every new day, there is an image to inspire you and make you think. Underneath the image, you will find various tasks to try. I recommend trying a different challenge each time you do it. For example, one day you could try the Story Starter task and on another day, try the Sentence Challenge. 


2. In the documents below, you will find a book review. Either, think of a book you have already read or, think of the book you are currently reading. You can print it or simply use it as a guide to write your own book review. 


3. In the documents below, you will find a practice SPAG test. Have a go and mark it yourself.