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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High


Mathematics intent 


At Gatcombe Park Primary school, we aim to develop children as mathematicians who demonstrate these characteristics:


  • A secure understanding of key facts such as multiplication tables and addition facts to avoid cognitive overload in the working memory and enable pupils to focus on new concepts.
  • A belief that by working hard at maths they can succeed.
  • Make links between knowledge and application across the curriculum and in their lives
  • Recognise that practice is a vital part of learning and that intelligent practice reinforces pupils’ procedural fluency and develops their conceptual understanding. 
  • A developing deep knowledge of the key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning that can be sustained.
  • If a pupil fails to grasp a concept or procedure, this is identified quickly and early intervention ensures the pupil is ready to move forward with the whole class in the next lesson.