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A message from Mr Baker

A short message from Mr Baker and Gatcombe Park Primary school

Welcome to Osprey!

                    Mrs Ogles, Mrs Jones and Miss Russell 

18th May Hello Ospreys!


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Osprey Class Gallery

As this is not a photo, I couldn't add it to the gallery, but I thought you might like to read Freya's letter anyway. It's great!

18th May 


Hello Ospreys, 

That's another week gone!  This is the last week of this half term - so you can have a week off school work next week!  (I can hear you all cheering...laugh)


Shout outs for this week:


Thank you Daisy, Freya, Eleanor, Georgie, Jamie, Mikey, Dexter, Elizabeth and Freya. You have all been on Sumdog this week, so give yourselves a pat on the back and you can have a thumbs up form me.  Any time on Sumdog will keep that maths brain ticking over. yes


I have to admit, I do have a sense of anticipation every time I log on to the class email to see what is coming in.  Some days there is nothing frown, but on other days, there is one, often two emails for me to read, respond to and download exciting attachments.  mailsmiley  (Just in case you hadn't realised, I have just discovered the emoji tab!  I will try not to overdo it wink!)  I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM MORE OF YOU...PLEASE.


Freya  - I really enjoyed reading your letter - well done for taking your time and ensuring you used the conventions for a persuasive letter.  You absolutely made your point.  Keep me posted on the sunflowers too.  Are the radishes ready to eat yet?

Nathan - great audio you sent me!  (Need a guitar emoji here). It was amazing!  Please email me with the details I asked for in my email back to you.  Good to see your photos too.

Roselyn - thank you for the photos of your work.  It's great to know you are doing it and lovely to read it too.

Lauren - I enjoyed your adventure text, and thanks for the other pics of your maths and English work too.  Hope the snails are all OK.

Mikey - great to see your pics; thank you.  You are a man of many activities - DIY, cycling, researching legends like Charles Darwin...


I think that's the lot for now.  So if you are reading this and you have been busy with home learning work or been busy with other amazing things and I don't know about it because you haven't emailed me or sent a photo..... enlightened  mail   crying


Enough emojis!


Ospreys all, please stay safe, keep busy, get out and exercise every day if you can and KEEP READING!  Check out the curriculum, maths and English pages for your work this week - STEM letters, marvellous maths, and some cool chap with an amazing name.

I haven't managed my 5 mile bike ride yet, but it is Saturday as I write this, so I've still got tomorrow. I will do it!


Take care of yourselves and each other in your families


Mrs Ogles  



Calling all TTRockstar Rockstars!


How do you like the idea of being a Guinness World Record holder? Have a look at this and then, if you think you are up to it, give it a go!  What a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself!!

During our school closure we will endeavour to add up to date information to support you with your home learning routine. Below are links to each subject and here you will find folders for each with with specific work that can be done. On each subject page, there are also links to websites and documents that are suitable for ongoing learning.


Please check regularly for new material.


Thank you in advance for your support in your child's learning during these unprecedented times. 

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