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Welcome to Osprey Class!


Summer term 2021

Introduction to our Summer term topic by Ahmed and Petal


Welcome to our end of Year 6 geography project. Our topic is about sustainable fashion. During our topic we have learnt about how our unsustainable fashion is destroying our planet. To enlighten people to treat our innocent planet, our class has been separated into groups to create projects such as: posters, adverts, slides, surveys, quizzes and more. The aim for our project is to prevent our planet from getting damaged more severely. 

Have you ever thrown unwanted clothes into the bin? If you have, you are going soon find out a better way to dispose of your irrelevant clothes. At the end of this presentation you will have the opportunity to take part in a survey about how you treat our unsophisticated planet so you don’t destroy our planet even more severely.

Presentation on Sustainable fashion by Ahmed, Johnny and Petal

This is a poster about second-hand clothes. Holly, Ruby-Rose, Evie and I made this to inform people about the dangers of fast fashion. Will you buy second-hand?

Poster by Lily, Evie, Holly, Ruby-Rose

Please read our letter about reusing and recycling clothes. Will you change your habits? by Ava and Fletcher.

This is a survey on our topic (sustainable fashion). Our aim is to persuade people to buy second-hand clothes or reuse their old clothes, by donating them, making something else from it or passing it down to a family member.  By Sonny, Adrian and Harrison.

Our aim was to create useful items out of old clothes such as : making a bag out of a t shirt, making a dog toy out of a t-shirt and by creating a pencil case out of an old pair of school trousers. What could you make? by Finn, Ilias, Lily V, Xander, Keithan, Abs, Dodi and Crystal.

Old clothes re-imagined!

We are here to remind people what the positives of giving to charity really is. We want you to check out our advert and survey we have made. You can find our survey on google forms called ‘please give to charity!’ and find our advert on our school page. By Terry, Anein, Hyacinth and Neda.


Watch our advert!

Still image for this video

Summer Fairground rides

Having learnt about electrical circuits in science and mechanisms in Design Technology we have used our learning to design and make our own fairground rides. 


We investigated types of fairground rides that had rotating parts, labeling how they moved, labeling the parts and drawing the mechanisms.  Next we had a first go at designing our own ride focusing on what it would look like and how it would move and what our design criteria would be. 

We applied our knowledge of circuits to show how an electric motor would turn the ride and also recorded this as a circuit diagram.  After that we made a list of what we would need to make our design and planned the order in which we would make it.

First of all we all made our basic frame to hold our axle and pulley system which was powered by our electrical circuit.  This had to be strong enough to stay together when our ride was working.  We learnt to measure accurately, saw, sand and drill to complete this.  We all made our own switches using split pins and a paper clip and wired these up carefully to our motors. 

Once our basic mechanism was assembled and working we turned our attention to creating an eye catching ride.  we hope you enjoy looking at our gallery below.

Fairground moving.MP4

Still image for this video

Fairground moving 1.MP4

Still image for this video

fairgound off.MP4

Still image for this video

Spring term 2021

We are now at the end of the Spring term.  Our learning this term has been 'What makes a good story.'  In History and Art we have studying the 'Early Islamic Civilization'. 

We had hoped to hold an exhibition to share our learning but unfortunately that is not currently possible. We have therefore put together our learning into a virtual exhibition. We hope that you enjoy watching it and learn something about this interesting period in history.

It is now the end of the Autumn Term and below we have shared our Food Stories and Favourite recipes for you to enjoy.

Our 'Food Stories'. We hope you enjoy reading our food stories and we share how food helps us to feel good and brings back good memories.

Osprey Class Recipe book - We have created a book of our favourite recipes. We hope you enjoy them.

Autumn term part 2

The outcome for this term's learning, was planned to be the creation of a community event / group, to support people who are new to our local or school community.  This was going to involve cooking food for others and having a get-together in school. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic and the important restrictions in place, we have had to rethink this.  The children in Osprey class decided that they would instead, carry out three different activities linked to food and our community.


1. A recipe book, with favourite recipes from our community

2. A survey about peoples' favourite foods

3. 'Food Stories' where people share the stories behind why some meals are special for them


In order to complete this project, we want to ask you, our community, to join in.  Please read the children's letters and information to find out more. All the information you need is below.  Please send all contributions to and use the subject box to tell us whether it is the survey, a recipe or a food story.

We are very much looking forward to receiving your contributions and publishing them on this page.


Many thanks


Mrs Hall, Mrs Laurence-Wing and Ospreys

Food Stories: How to get involved

Recipe Book - Click here to find out more!

Food survey. Click to take part

Autumn term: part 1.


Osprey Class have settled in very well on their return to school. We have quickly learnt our new routines and a new normal at school.



This term much of our learning is based around the book we are studying, The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo.


In English we will be reading the story and focussing on the new vocabulary including some Yoruba and Pidgin English. We are going to be writing recounts and looking at journalistic writing including interviews.


The Other Side of Truth. By Beverley Naidoo

Running alongside this our curriculum topic is focussing on Geography and Science. We are learning about communities including looking at the lives of refugees and asylum seekers, finding out why they need to leave their homes and move to a new country. Our science learning is all about classification of plants and animals and we are particularly looking forward to learning about Micro-organisms, a very topical subject at the current time!

In RE we are looking at commitment and learning about the five pillars of Islam.

In PSHE we have looked at friendships and how to keep ourselves safe.

We have PE twice a week. Currently both outdoors on a Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning and we participate in the Golden mile daily, weather permitting.

Mrs Hall Osprey Class September 2020

Welcome to Year 6 September 2020 from Mrs Hall.


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