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Mrs Harvey and Mrs Szypa  

together with Mrs Tabner, Mrs Valentine and Mrs Conway



Spring 2 Once Upon a Time: a term full of fairy tales, storytelling, small world and role play.  





  • Enjoying themed weeks based on different traditional tales: 1)Three Little Pigs, 2)Little Red Riding Hood, 3)Jack and the Beanstalk, 4)Three Billy Goats Gruff, 5)Gingerbread Man and 6)Goldilocks and the Three Bears  
  • Finding and creating own rhyming words from the story
  • Acting the stories out using puppets and props in the role play area
  • Filling in speech bubbles for different characters
  • Labelling and writing captions for stories illustrations
  • Creating own story maps
  • Thinking of own, different story ends
  • Sequencing the story events and describing main characters
  • Writing ‘wanted’ poster for the Wolf
  • Writing a recipe for gingerbread biscuits and Goldilocks’ porridge       



  • Estimating how many beans can fit in Giant’s hand and comparing it to our hands
  • Measuring and comparing the beanstalks and Giant’s feet
  • Using positional language in the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Sorting objects in groups of 2, 3 and 4 for the characters from the traditional tales
  • Using money in a shop role play area to pay for the building materials, porridge ingredients, flowers for grandma etc
  • Using the language of capacity and weight while baking gingerbread biscuits 


Understanding the World

  • Investigating different building materials: straws, sticks, bricks, lego etc
  • Problem solving activities testing buildings’ stability and balance
  • Designing and constructing different sized bridges
  • Broad beans growing: planting, observing, predicting and describing
  • Baking gingerbread biscuits
  • Making porridge for Goldilocks
  • Talking about Easter celebrations and traditions in our families


 Communication and Language

  • Listening attentively and responding to a wide range of Traditional Tales
  • Expressing own thoughts and opinions with confidence
  • Understanding and responding to ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions
  • Understanding the structure of a story
  • Re-telling and re-enacting different stories
  • Thinking about the sequence of events in stories and saying what happened first, next, last
  • Responding to other’s opinions and needs in an appropriate way 


 Expressive Art and Design

  • House construction for the three little pigs using different materials
  • Acting the stories out
  • ‘Huff and puff’ painting and brick printing
  • Designing a dream house/ castle
  • ‘Giant’ crafts and constructions
  • Troll’s and wolf’s masks and portraits
  • Beanstalk crafts
  • Attending ‘Happily Ever After’ party in the classroom 


 Physical Development

  • Improving and developing fine motor skills by using writing tools and manipulating sensory materials, e.g. sand, glitter, flour, play dough
  • Improving balance and whole-body coordination during PE sessions
  • Learning about healthy food
  • Using dance and movement to express imagination and acting the stories out  


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Understanding own feelings: talking about being sad, angry, happy or excited
  • Understanding feelings of others: recognising and responding to other people’s emotions
  • Making choices: discussing fair and unfair, good and bad, right and wrong based on different fairy tales
  • Making own playground games and thinking of rules
  • Describing characters from the fairy tales: curious Little Red Riding Hood, hard-working Pig, bad Wolf, clever Jack, greedy Goldilocks


Pick and Mix Home Learning ideas

  • Write 5 words that rhyme with pig, goat, bear.
  • Do you have a favourite teddy bear that listens to bedtime stories with you? Draw and label it.
  • Use books or internet to find out about real wolves, goats and bears.
  • Have you ever tried porridge? Have a go at trying some new food and share your experiences with the class.
  • When you’re in a supermarket, have a look at different types, shapes, sizes and colours of beans.
  • Jack’s beanstalk was really really tall. Can you find 5 things that are taller and 5 things that are shorter than you?




Important Information:

PE - Monday

Changing reading books - Monday 


We are here to help, so, if you have any questions or concerns, just find us and have a chat.