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29th June 2020


Happy Monday Goldfinches,


What a fantastic week it was last week. The absolute highlight for me was talking to lots of you on the phone and hearing all about how things are going at home. I am so pleased to hear that everyone is so happy and how supportive your families are. I look forward to catching up with a few more of you over the next couple of days.



Here is what a few of you have been up to:


Oscar – A really clear poster about  pollution making sure we still get the message that we need to do something about it. Also, I’m so impressed with your work on the ‘Minotiger’!

Amelia – As well as getting on with some work, Amelia has been able to get back to some outdoors boxing training.

Jack – You’ve been having some fun with colours and shapes on Scratch. Great to see you keeping up your coding skills.

Presley – getting arty and drawing some shells that he picked up from the beach.



Isla is our TTRockstars champion this week with a whopping 77 games played! What an effort, Isla!

Well done to all of these people who completed at least their 15 games on Garage: Eiliyah, Perry, Ava, Stanley, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Oscar, Faye, Esme, Thomas and Jack.

Well done to these children who got on to TTRockstars and had a go: Bobby.



Sumdog champions:

Jack - WOW! What an effort this week. You’ve had a go at the Spellings, Grammar and Maths challenges.

Desire – Great work at the top of the Maths leaderboard this week! Well done.

Other Sumdog well dones go to these children for having a good go at it: Oscar, Isabelle, Jacob, Faye, Logan, Esme and Amelia.

It’s great to see lots of you have been on there. Let’s see if we can get a few more minutes per week.


There’s lots of exciting learning to have a go at this week so take a look at the Home Learning page. Remember, everyone is doing the same learning, in school and at home, so we can all share photos of our learning together. Just don’t forget to email me with your work that you are most proud of.


If I haven’t already given it to you, I have your own personal logins for an e-reader website where you can access lots of free books. Drop me an email or ask about it when I call you.


Please keep practising your spellings as well as your times tables, as this will set you up really well for Year 4. I have posted below the Year 3 spelling homework booklet that we were working from before.

You can also practise your spellings on Sumdog and remember on TTRockstars to do your best to get to level 200 by the time you start Year 4.


Have a fantastic week. I look forward to speaking to some of you at some point this week and receiving your emails.


Mrs Webber



Home Learning materials have now moved to the main 'Class pages' page, where you will find a new page called Home Learning (click on the owl). You can click on the link below and it'll take you to the new pages. 


Also, all of the previous resources from Summer 1 will stay on this page in the folders below.


Remember to still email me with all your photos and messages about your fantastic activities and learning that you have been doing.


For instructions of how children can communicate with their teacher at please see the link below.

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3rd June


Today Mr Baker made our school fox very cross by waking him up from a lovely snooze in the pond area. We have at least 4 fox cubs in the family too but they were too quick for the camera!

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